In this assignment, you will implement a number of small programs. Here, you will:

  • use dynamic memory allocation, pointers, and references.
  • implement data structures
  • implement classes in multiple les
  • use overloading and overriding
  • use inheritance
  • understand the meaning of virtual keyword

Your programs should contain a multi-line header comment similar to:

Written by Bob the Great
This program calculates the circumference of a circle.
Last modification: 8/20/2010

Implementation Instructions

We provide a template for source les and make le that you must use. You will nd the les in the directory src/ which contains:

  • .cpp les for the implementation of the data structures
  • .h les for the declarations of the data structures
  • a main.cpp le to test the code
  • an incomplete Makefile that builds the project.

You will write your code inside the provided source les, and you will edit the makele so it builds the code to create a single executable.


Linked List

In this question you will implement a hierarchy of classes (Figure 1) with interfaces similar to the respective data structures in Java:

  • Collection: html
  • LinkedList: html
  • Queue:
  • Stack:

The type the data structures will hold is again myType which in your case is just an integer with a dierent name, but potentially could be anything.

Each class has his own header le and source le, with the exclusion of Collection which is an abstract class:

  • collection.h
  • linked_list.h, linked_list.cpp
  • queue.h, queue.cpp
  • stack.h, stack.cpp

In the header les you will also nd the documentation in javadoc format (that you should know if you took java 1 and/or java 2 and/or algorithm & data structure classes) for each of those elements.

You will implement the class methods in the le .cpp les.

main.cpp implement the Main() function and plays with your code a bit. It is meant as aid for debugging and grading purpose, so you are not allowed to modify it, unless specied. See image.

Academic Honesty!
It is not our intention to break the school's academic policy. Projects posted are only used as a reference and should not be submitted as is. We are not held liable for any misuse of the solutions. Please see the frequently asked questions page for further questions and inquiries.
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