Create a game similar to Hangman named GuessAWord in which a player guesses letters to try to replicate a hidden word. Store at least eight words in an array, and randomly select one to be hidden word. (The statements needed to generate a random number are shown in the Exercises in the Decision Making and Looping chapters.) Initially, display the hidden word using asterisks to represent each letter. Allow the user to guess letters to replace the asterisks in the hidden word until the user completes the entire word. If the user guesses a latter that is not in the hidden word, display an appropriate message. If the user guesses a latter that appears multiple times in the hidden word, make sure that each correct letter is placed. Figure 6-27 shows typical games in progress in a console-based application and in a GUI application. In the GUI application, the user has successfully guessed e, and is about to guess r. Hint: If you create the GUI version of the game, you might want to include a Start button that selects the random word and performs other startup tasks before you reveal the game interface. After the start up tasks are complete, you can remove the start button from the form.

Figure 6.27. see image.

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