Create a library WinForms application that allows users to add books, movies and CDs (do people still have those? Games work, too) to a list for viewing, deleting and editing.


Starting with a premade C# WinForms application in Visual Studio, create an application for adding, viewing and deleting records of books, movies and CDs (or games). Users should enter a records information, click a button, and that record should be turned into a struct (or class) that is then added to a BindingList. You must use a BindingList, and you must store each record as an individual object in that list.

Create a ListBox for storing an identifier for each object (such as the title). Users should be able to click on an item in the ListBox and pull up record information. Users should also be able to delete a record from the selection.

The generic object struct/class must contain a title, year, and record type property, at minimum.

Your program must save and load previous data and your application must be tested for user experience (no window resizing, TabStop order, labels, bug free).


Make the record type (book, movie, etc.) the enum.
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