Create a record keeping console application. You are encouraged to theme your application.


Starting with a premade C# console application in Visual Studio, create an application for adding, viewing and deleting records. Records must be written to a file when the application closes and be read back in from the file when the application first opens. You will need to make use of an array, list or dictionary, or possibly some combination thereof (your choice). Records can be duplicated (in the case of two people with the same name, for example), but users should be able to specify which record to view or delete. You must check the validity of the user input (i.e. no ints for string fields, no strings for int fields).

List create a struct and sotre properties, list of struct


System.IO contains an abstract File class object. You can use System.IO.File.WriteAllLines to create a file, write a string collection to said file, and close it. There are other useful methods in the File class as well.
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