Create a Windows Forms application using Visual Studio 2010 via New -> Project -> C# Windows Forms Application. Give it the name Quiz5.

Create the following on your main form:

  • A TextBox called txtItemToAdd.
  • A Button called btnAdd with text "Add Item" on it.
  • A ListBox called lbItems with MultiSimple selection mode.
  • A Button called btnDelete with text "Delete Item(s)" on it.

Do the following with what you’ve created:

  • Create an Event Handler for the btnAdd clicked event that does the following:
    • Takes the text value from txtItemToAdd and Validates it using the ValidateItem method.
    • If validated add the text value as a new item in the lbItems list Items collection.
  • Create an Event Handler for the btnDelete clicked event that does the following:
    • Goes through every item in the lbItems ListBox and removes it if it is selected.
  • Create a ValidateItem() method that does the following:
    • Takes a string parameter and returns a Boolean.
    • Ensures the string parameter is not an empty string or return false.
    • Goes through the lbItems, Items collection and makes sure that the string parameter does not match any of the string items there already, return false if it does.
    • Otherwise, return true.
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