1.Choose five international source currencies to monitor. Each currency is referenced with a three letter ISO 4217 currency code. For example, the code for the U.S. Dollar currency is USD. Search online for these abbreviations with a search string such as "ISO 4217 Currency Codes." Place these currency codes in a text file.

2.The following URL is a link to a CSV file that contains the exchange rate for a given source and target currency. For example, if the source currency is EUR and the target currency is USD, the URL is


Read the five source currencies in the text file that you created in Step 1, dynamically create URLs that are passed to Java Scanner objects to obtain the exchange rates (to USD) for five source currencies from Part 1.

3.Plot the five exchange rates that you found in Step 2 in a JFreeChart bar chart. See the BarChart Example in the jfreechart example file.

Your Java project should contain only a single class, which contains the main method. This class must define at least three additional static methods that modularize the tasks in this project. For example, you might define methods such as these:

public static String getCurrency(Scanner s)
public static String getURLString(String sourceCurrency, String targetCurrency)
public static double getExchangeRate(String urlString)
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