Write a banking program that will do the following:

Create a Customer Bank Transaction Program with the following data fields.

  • Customer Name
  • Customer ID
  • Account Balance
  • Starting Balance
  • Deposit Amount
  • Withdrawal Amount
  • Total Deposits
  • Total Withdrawals

In the Input Section enter the following:

  • Enter the customer’s name.
  • Enter the customer’s account ID.
    • Store the value entered into the customer’s ID field.
  • Enter an initial deposit amount.
    • Store that amount in the account balance and the starting balance fields.

Prompt the user for, and allow the user to enter a series of transactions as well as the amount of each transaction. The user should be allowed to enter as many transactions as wanted for a single customer. When a given transaction is completed the processing should return to the main menu, which will prompt the user for the following.

  • Enter 1 for deposit.
    • If the user entered 1 then prompt the user for the amount of the Deposit and add that amount to the customer's balance as well as the Total of all the deposits
  • Enter 2 for withdrawal.
    • If the user entered 2 then prompt the user for the amount of the withdrawal and subtract that amount from the user's balance and add it to the Total Withdrawal.
    • If there is not enough money in the account to cover the withdrawal give the user an error message and reject the withdrawal request.
  • Enter 3 for balance inquiry
    • If the user entered 3 then display the amount remaining in the customer's account.
  • Enter 9 to terminate the session.

Display the following activity summary when finished:

Customer Name – XXXXXXXXXXXX
Customer Id – 99999999
Starting Balance – 99999.99

Total Deposits – 999999.99
Total Withdrawals – 99999.99

Closing Balance – 99999.99
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