1. Develop (including designing, coding and testing) an applet that displays a dartboard pattern like the one shown here, with equally spaced concentric circles and radial lines. The applet must check the available width and height, so that the pattern is drawn as large as possible. There should always be three equally spaced circles, but the number of lines must be specified by a parameter in the HTML file. The number of lines should be between 2 and 30, and should default to 20 if outside of these limits.

Note: a point at angle x on the circumference of a unit circle has coordinates cos(x), sin(x). See image.

2. Write a Java applet that just displays a static picture or design (e.g. a smiley face, a sunburst pattern) made from ovals, lines, rectangles, and/or graphics commands you have found in your research. Consider using loops, etc., for repeated patterns. Submit up a screen-grab of your applet along with the code. Be original!

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