Summary of the Work: In this assignment, you will use Java RMI to write a simple client-server application that meets the following specifications:

  • A data logger service that can store Serializable Objects sent by client.
  • The data is to be stored on a RMI server.
  • The server must timestamp the data and store both as a record on persistent storage(e.g to a file). The format of the timestamp is not specified.
  • The data logger is shared amongst other client, so make it thread safe.
  • Create a client that can test the log service using RMI

Write a report on the design and illustrate you design using UML diagrams. Include analysis of the problem and the design steps. Include source code with comments in the report. Produce a test log including complication results, your test strategy and instructions (procedure), and interpretation of the result. Test server for multiple concurrent client request too. You will be marked on presentation and how well you solve the outlined task. Write a report on the design and implementation of your solution and answers, showing code and results: (i) a class diagram outlining the class structure for your proposed solution. (ii) a set of summary tables describing the fields, constructors and methods for each class. (iii) a print out of the Java source code of your complete program.

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