• Define an ERD for the following narrative. The database should track homes and owners. A home has a unique home identifier, a street address, a city, a state, a zip, a number of bedrooms, a number of bathrooms, and a square feet. A home is either owner occupied or rented. An owner has a Social Security number, a name, an optional spouse name, a profession, and an optional spouse profession. An owner can possess one or more homes. Each home has only one owner.
  • Refine the ERD from problem 1 by adding an agent entity type. Agents represent owners in the sale of a home. An agent can list many homes, but only one agent can list a home. An agent has a unique agent identifier, a name, an office identifier, and a phone number. When an owner agrees to list a home with an agent, a commission (percentage of the sales price) and a selling price are determined.
  • In the ERD from problem 2 transform the attribute, office identifier, into an entity type. Data about an office include the phone number, the manager name, and the address.
  • In the ERD from problem 3, add a buyer entity type. A buyer entity type has a Social Security number, a name, a phone, preferences for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a price range. An agent can work with many buyers, but a buyer works with only one agent.
  • Refine the ERD from problem 4 with a generalization hierarchy to depict similarities between the buyers and owners.
  • Revise the ERD from problem 5 by adding an offer entity type. A buyer makes an offer on a home for a specified sales price. The offer starts on the submission date and time and expires on the specified date and time. A unique offer number identifies an offer. A buyer can submit multiple offers for the same home.
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