Your supervisor has approved your normalized versions of the database. Your team members were given copies. One of the members has sent you an e-mail with the following questions:

  • Why are there so many more foreign keys in the third normal form than in the first? Is this always going to be true?
  • Why is it important to define the primary keys of a file correctly? What happens to the third normal form when they are incorrectly defined?
  • Some designers will say that to make an address file into third normal form, you should take out the city and state, place it into a different table, and link it by zip code. What advantages and disadvantages are there to this?
  • When normalizing a table that can have a many-to-many relationship with another table, what steps should you take?
  • What are the advantages of third normal form for applications with a lot of changes to the database, such as a data entry program?
  • What are the disadvantages of third normal form for an application that does a lot of reporting on a stable database like general ledger month-end reporting?
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