You are to select a type of company for which you will design a database system. Keep the design simple; the objective is to ensure you understand the design concepts. Remember there are time constraints involved. After faculty approval of your selected company, create your conceptual design, which will consist of the following requirements:

The Conceptual Design requirements will be submitted in the form of a Microsoft Word document named conceptual.doc.

  • List the company's business rules.
  • List the entities, attributes, and keys that are needed.
  • List the reports, forms, and queries that are needed (at least two of each).
  • List the reports, forms, and queries that are needed (at least two of each).
  • List the view(s) that is/are needed.
  • List any security issues that need to be resolved (a typed paragraph explaining any security features you would like to apply).
  • All tables must be normalized to third normal form. Show all functional dependencies that exist and the final result of the normalization of each table in the database (dependency diagram).
  • An E-R diagram (must be created in Visio).


The logical design of the project will consist of building selected parts of the database application using some basic SQL. You have learned a sufficient amount of SQL to complete this task. Following is a list of requirements. The Logical Design requirements will be submitted in the form of a text file named logical.sql.

  • Write the SQL to develop a table for each table developed during the conceptual design phase.
  • Add test data to the tables (5-10 records for each table).
  • Include primary and foreign key relationships for each of the tables.
  • Add any other necessary constraints such as NOT NULL or CHECK.
  • Write the SQL statements to create the queries that were identified during the conceptual design phase. Note: You will not be required to create forms or reports.

Execute your SQL statements in Oracle’s iSqlPlus. NOTE: If you have been assigned to groups for the project, each group member should execute the statements in his/her Oracle account, for practice in executing the SQL statements to create the database objects. You will not create a new database, but use the Oracle iSqlPlus account given to you for the SQL textbook chapter.


This portion of the project will consist of developing a typed summary of your project. Save the document as summary.doc. It should consist of the name of your company, your name/group members’ names, and a thorough explanation of your company and the database application that you created for that company. In addition, include the following:

  • List any possible methods of fine tuning your database (a typed paragraph explaining how you would like to enhance your database if you had additional time).
  • Document any programming that would need to be done in order to implement your database application (a typed paragraph).


Create a Powerpoint presentation of your database system. The organization of the presentation is of your choosing. The presentation should “sell” your system. Assume the intended audience of your presentation is your client and/or the end users of the system. Use as many slides as you feel are necessary, but a minimum of ten is required. Save the presentation as project.ppt.

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