Diamond Courier Limited is a courier company based in Singapore. The company provides service for individuals as well as Corporate Customers. With the recent growth in economy, the company has done quite well and the business has been expanding at a fast pace.

The company charges its service price depending upon several factors. The key factors are the location where the packages are sent and the weight of the package.

Base Rate for Individual users See image.

Diamond courier service provides pickup service to collect the packages from Customer sites. Customers can also carry the package themselves to company’s office to get a 5% discount on the total courier charges.

Corporate customers get a discount on the Base rates depending on the volume of the business provided. The discount rates are in following slabs and are credited back to the customers at the end of financial year. See image.

Individual customers need to make pre payment before the package is accepted for delivery. Cash, cheques and credit cards are accepted.

Corporate customers are invoiced for the charges and must pay the account within 30 days of the invoice.

Customers can also get the packages insured. Insurance charges are 2% of the declared value but a minimum of S$ 20 is chargeable.

Currently systems at Diamond Courier Limited are paper based. Orders are taken using paper based forms and a “job file” is created as a folder with the job id written on it and the paperwork put inside the folder.

With the growth in business, it is increasingly becoming difficult for the company to manage with the paper based system. The company wants to setup a computer system to handle orders, keep track of courier ‘jobs’ and the package delivery status as well as the billing status.

  • Q1. Identify the use cases of the system described in Diamond Courier Limited case study. Draw the use case diagram clearly indicating the actors and the links – whether the link should <> or <>. Provide the reason for choice of the link <> and/or <>.
  • Q2. What is the purpose of the Use Case Diagram for Diamond Courier Limited? When should the use case diagram be produced during the Systems Development process for Diamond Courier Limited system?
  • Q3. How will the systems analyst working on the Diamond Courier Limited project check that the Use Case diagram that is drawn in Q1. of the question above is correct? What is he/she required to do next?
  • Q4. Write down the Summary level use case for the Diamond Courier Limited system explaining the purpose of Summary level use case for the company.
  • Q5. Identify the classes along with their attributes, the services provided by these classes and the relationships among the classes, for the Diamond Courier Limited system. (If you believe that you have to make additional assumptions, state them clearly). Draw a class diagram for Diamond Courier Limited using the UML notation showing the classes along with their attributes, methods and the relationships among these entity classes. Note: You should include any/all Gen-Spec, Whole-Part and association links amongst your relationships, and Whole-Part and associations MUST be shown with the appropriate cardinality.
  • Q6. When drawing the class diagram, you need to identify and draw the relationships that link the system objects together. Two of such relationships may be Synergistic and Redundant. You are required to identify, name and discuss the third relationship. You are also required to name and discuss the three classifications of this third relationship.
  • Q7. Differentiate among association, aggregation and composition, the relationships that may exist between the classes/objects of a system. Support your answer with examples for each of the above three relationships.
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