The university has the following Dormitories:

Siegel Hall $1,500 per semester
Papp Hall $1,500 per semester
Coles Hall $1,200 per semester
University Hall $1,800 per semester

The university also offers the following meal plans:

7 meals per week $560 per semester
14 meals per week $1,095 per semester
Unlimited meals $1,800 per semester

Crate an application with three forms. The startup holds the totals charges and the name of the student.

You will have a dormitories form and and a meal plan form. Implement a menu that allows the user to open the dorms and the meal forms. When the user selects a dormitory and a meal, the application should show the total charges and selections for the semester on the startup form. Use a listbox to hold the items selected and labels to hold the totals. On the other forms use a listbox to select the dorms and meal plans

Design guidelines: In addition to what is stated use a menu, add color to the form and a title, cancel and accept buttons, set tab order.

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