The objective of this project is to create a simple card game based on the following specification. The game will consist of rounds, where each player draws a single card from a shuffled deck. The players cards will be compared to determine the winner of the round (whose score will be increased) and/or any penalized players (whose score will be decreased). A scoreboard should be displayed at the end of each round (to track player progress).

Rounds will continue until an overall game winner is determined. Below is a detailed outline of the project requirements.

Interface The program MUST utilize a text-based interface (i.e. console/terminal). Graphical Event Driven applications will not be accepted. Player input should be read via the keyboard, and all information output to the display as text. Please strive to make your interface clean, readable, and user friendly.

Players The game must allow for two through four players, the number of which should be selectable at the beginning of a game. Each player should at a minimum have a unique identifier as well as an associated score (which starts at zero, and may not drop below zero). Players should be notified when it is their turn, and be required to press a key to draw their card. Players should always take their turn in the same order every round.

Deck The deck will consist of 56 cards, 52 of which are standard face + suit cards, and four of which are special penalty cards. Access to cards within the deck can be implemented in any way, so long as that access conforms to the requirement that the deck be in a Shuffled state at the beginning of each round. When a player selects a card from the deck, their card should be displayed on screen for all to see.

Cards Cards are ranked based on their face value first and their suit second. Face values range from Two to Ten, followed by Jack, Queen, King and finally Ace (just like a standard deck of cards). Suits are ranked based on the following hierarchy: Spade > Heart > Diamond > Club. Penalty cards can be represented in any way, but do not have a rank like the other cards (they will have special scoring associated with them).

Scoring At the end of a round, the player with the highest ranked card should be displayed as the winner and will have their score increased by two. Any players that drew a penalty card should have their scores reduced by one. This should be indicated via a scoreboard, showing the running totals for all players. In order to win the game, a player must reach a score of 21 or greater, but shall only be considered the champion if they lead by two points (i.e. if one player has a score of 21, but another has a score of 20, the game must continue).

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