Write a graphics program that draws a "pizza" on the screen. Your pizza should consist of a brown circle representing the crust, with a red circle inside it to show the tomato sauce, and finally a yellow circle inside that to represent the cheese. Inside the yellow circle, draw 8-10 small squares to represent the sausage on your pizza.

Use Google Docs to create a PDF document containing the stepwise design for your paintComponent() method. Make sure that your design includes Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2.

Also, use Google Docs to create a separate PDF document that lists the five most common programming mistakes that you make when writing your code. They could be some kind of syntax mistake (e.g., forgetting semicolons) or some logical mistake (like forgetting to initialize all the class variables in your constructor). For each mistake, you should write (1) a description of the mistake, (2) why you think you are still making that mistake, and (3) one good idea for how you can remember to avoid that mistake.


  • S01 -- Add extra code to your program that draws a knife and fork next to the pizza.
  • S02 -- Include 10 mistakes on your self-help list instead of just 5.
  • S03 -- Extend your design so that it goes all the way through Level 3.
  • S06 -- Use the Arc2D.Double class to cut a wedge-shaped slice out of your pizza (so it looks like PacMan).
  • S07 -- Use the drawString() method to write the words "Mamma mia!" under your pizza.
  • S09 -- Make the location of your sausage squares random, but make sure that they always end up on the pizza.
  • S10 -- Create a custom Color object for the crust that is not one of the built-in Java colors, and use it.
  • S12 -- Modify the stroke weight of your class objects so that they have thicker border lines. Draw shapes with these thicker lines in your drawing so that it is clear that you have modified the stroke weight.
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