EcoMed employees are classified as either salaried or hourly employees. You have been directed to modify the pay table to have a Lookup field for these two pay classifications.

  • Open the database start file named EcoMed-5-24. Enable Content in the Security Warning bar. Save the Database as your initialsEcoMed-5. Make sure the Navigation Pane is open.
  • In tblPay, add a Lookup field to the end of the table.
  • In the Lookup wizard, you will type the values Hourly and Salary.
  • Name the new field PayType.
  • Limit entries to the list.
  • Do not allow users to edit the list.
  • Change the PayType’s field size to 6.
  • The values in the field PayClass are “1” and “2.” The “1” represents salary, and the “2” represents hourly. Add values to the new field PayType. In each record where the PayClass is “1”, enter Salary for the PayType field. In each record where the PayClass is “2”, enter Hourly for the PayType field.
  • Delete the field PayClass and sort the table in ascending order by PayType.
  • Save the changes to tblPay table. Do not close it.
  • Export the edited Access table to an Excel workbook for grading in SimGrader.
    • With the tblPay table still open, click the External Data tab.
    • In the Export group, click the Excel button. The Export wizard opens.
    • In the Export window, verify that the Export data with formatting and layout check box is checked. If necessary, click the box to add the checkmark.
    • Click the Browse button. Navigate to your desktop.
    • In the File Name box, type the new file name your initialsAccess-5-24.
    • Click the Save button. Click OK. Click Close, to close the Export wizard.
    • Save and close the Database.
  • Submit the Excel file to SimGrader.
    • Do not open the Excel file before submitting.
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