Create a query to display the name of the management company, the name of the facility, and the state in which the facility is located. Display only records from region 2.

  • Open the database start file named EcoMed-6-26. Enable Content in the Security Warning bar. Save the Database as your initialsEcoMed-6-26. Make sure the Navigation Pane is open.
  • Launch the Simple Query Wizard.
  • From tblManagement use the field ManageName.
  • From tblFacilities use the fields FacName, State, and Region.
  • Save the query as qryRegion2.
  • Sort the dynaset in ascending order by ManageName.
  • Only show records that are from Region 2.
  • Save the query. Do not close it.
  • Export the Access query to an Excel workbook for grading in SimGrader.
    • With the qryRegion2 query still open, click the External Data tab.
    • In the Export group, click the Excel button. The Export wizard opens.
    • In the Export window, verify that the Export data with formatting and layout check box is checked. If necessary, click the box to add the checkmark.
    • Click the Browse button. Navigate to your desktop.
    • In the File Name box, type the new file name your initialsAccess-6-26.
    • Click the Save button. Click OK. Click Close, to close the Export wizard.
    • Save and close the Database.
  • Submit the Excel file to SimGrader.
    • Do not open the Excel file before submitting.
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