LRC Hardware Allocation

The University of uk Learning Resources Centre has secured your services to design an information system to keep track of their hardware allocation to Media and Specific Needs students. There are three types of hardware available to both types of student:

  • Laptops
  • Digital Recorders
  • Minidisk Recorders

In addition to the above, Media students can also borrow/reserve Video Cameras.

There is a number of each of these hardware items available for loan/reservation. Specific Needs students usually need to borrow items whilst arrangements are made (by the Student Services department) to provide them with the financial aid to enable them to purchase their own laptop and/or recorder. A document from the student’s personal advisor in Student Services is required in order that a Specific Needs student reserve/borrow item(s). Staff number, Staff name and contact number of each specific needs student advisor needs to be recorded. Loans to Specific Needs students are for a maximum of four weeks. However, should the student not be provided with the finance to purchase their own laptop/recorder within these four weeks, the student is allowed to renew their loan provided that a renewal document is supplied by their personal advisor. (A Specific Needs renewal takes precedence over other reservations)

Media students can only borrow items for two days and are not allowed to renew items if there is a current reservation on that type of item. Any overdue items are subject to fines levied on the student. Fines need to be paid before any future loans or reservations can be made.

All laptops will have standard software installed (Windows, Office etc) but additional software will differ from laptop to laptop (video/sound editing software, magnifying software, speech recognition software etc.)

The system should record the issuing and return of loans, and in the case of the return of overdue items, should calculate the fine payable.

A record of loans to specific needs students is currently sent to Student Services on the students’ completion of their course. For simplicity, assume that the student will only ever be allocated one personal advisor throughout their

You are required to produce use-case diagrams and a class model for the company. In addition, you should produce use-case descriptions for 5 non-trivial use-cases. (Although it will be useful to produce Use Case descriptions for all Use Cases in order to determine the operations required in the Class Diagram)

Where necessary, the diagrams should be amplified with some words of explanation, particularly relating to constraints and assumptions made. To avoid cluttering the diagram, the class model should not contain attributes and operations. Rather you should, for each class, list separately likely attributes and operations. It is not necessary to list the attribute accessor operations (get & set methods). The class diagram and use-case diagrams should be inserted into a Word document.

Be careful to remain within the stated limited scope of the assignment.

Use-Case model:

You should provide a complete set of Use-Case diagrams. However, you only need to produce written Use-Case specifications for five of the non-trivial scenarios.

Class model:

You should provide an analysis/design model showing:-

all the relationships between the classes including inheritance, aggregation, composition and other associations where relevant.

Name the associations and show the multiplicity. Detail the important attributes and operations for the classes.

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