The purpose of this exercise is to challenge your knowledge of strings & arrays in order to decrypt 3 strings/messages.


Using your textbook, notes and personal research material, write a program using the C Programming language that will allow a user to input a string of unrelated characters and it decrypt the string to render a readable display per the specifications provided. NOTE: Your source code should be well documented as outlined in Handout #2


NOTE: I am only interested in the DECRYPTION of the strings provided. However, I strongly encourage you to develop an ENCRYPTION function to perform testing. That aspect of the project is left entirely up to you and how you wish to handle progamatically.

1. User Input:

a. Prompt the user to input a string. The maximum string length is 100.

b. Provide an error checking routine to ensure that the maximum string length is not exceeded and the user is informed of the issue. Feel free to use any type of looping structure to allow multiple attempts at an input to accomplish the task

c. Decrypt the string by decreasing the ASCII code of the individual elements by 20.

2. Output: (see example)

a. Any necessary cosmetic displays that aid in the input/output are acceptable.

b. You must display the inputted string, the decrypted string and its length.

c. Your name, course number and month & year when program written must be displayed.

d. Utilize any system commands, such as pause or cls as necessary.

e. Sample Output: see image.


1. Develop and test the program such that it:

a. Generates the desired output screens based on the following encrypted strings:

b. `UVHUAYYhFHK is LAB4A-EET247 (test item)

c. 6U4k]gY4aUb4`YUfbg4Zfca4chYf;g4a]ghU_Y6

d. 6hY4ei]W_4Vfckb4Zcl4^iadg4cjYf4hY4`Unm4Xc[4Uh4`YUgh4ED4h]aYg4U4XUm6

e. 6U4y4uyx@4}4u4y4yuyx6

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