There are 7 candidates in an election. Each voter is allowed one vote for the candidate of his /her choice. The vote is recorded as a number from 1-7 for each candidate respectively. There are 365 voters in all. Any vote which is not a number 1-7 is invalid and counted as a spoilt vote.

You have been commissioned to write a program to automate the computation of the winner of the election. For your task you will be provided with one input file elections.txt.

Objectives: The objectives of this assignment is for students to: Demonstrate a working knowledge of structs

In your program you are required to:

  • Create a struct to represent candidates. Your struct should have 2 fields: name which stores the candidate‚Äôs name as a char array with no more than 20 letters; and an integer votes which tracks the number of votes for this candidate.
  • You should store all candidate information in an array called electionCandidates.
  • You will be required to obtain all candidate information from a text file provided called elections.txt. This file begins with the names of the seven candidates each entered on a separate line. This is then followed by the 365 ballots cast, provided as integers 1-7. Votes will be separated by 1 or more white space.
  • Your program should have 3 functions: Initialize which initializes the candidate array Processvotes that reads the ballots from the input file and update the relevant candidate struct as each vote is read. printResults: which will print the results of the elections to the console as your program output .
  • The output of your program should include the name and number of votes cast for the winning candidate and the number of spoilt votes.
  • In the event of a tie report that there was a tie between candidates ------ and ______ who got a total of ________ votes each.
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