On a given exam, the points awarded for each problem are recorded in a text file, with one line of the file for each student that took the exam. Create a program that reads this text file and determines

  • each student’s total grade for the exam
  • the class average for the exam
  • the average number of points given for each problem

Program Requirements

  • The input data file will be a plain text file with each number separated by a single space.
  • All numerical data (student ID, scores) must be stored in a 2-dimensional array.
    • The final column of the array should hold the total score for each student. Caution: do not include the student ID in the sums!
    • The final should hold the averages for each column.
    • There will be 4 problems and 5 students, so the array should hold 6 rows (5 students + average) and 6 columns (ID, 4 grades, and exam total).
  • All calculations and array access must be performed using pointers and dereferencing. You may use [ ] only when reading and writing the data files.
  • The results must be printed to the screen as well as written to a file in table format.

Program Organization

Your program should contain the following functions: main, loadDataFile, calculateResults, writeResultsFile, and printResults.

  • main – create empty 6x6 2-D array to hold data and then call other functions as needed, passing them the array
  • loadDataFile – read the input file, storing the data in the 2-D array
  • calculateResults – performs all calculations
  • writeResultsFile – creates and writes the resulting array to the output data file
  • printResults – prints the results to the screen

Example Input: See image.

Example Output: See image.

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