Employee Data, Part One

Create an application that allows the user to enter the following employee data: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Employee Number, Department, Telephone Number, Telephone Extension, and Email Address. The valid selections for department are Accounting, Administration, Marketing, MIS, and Sales. Once the data is entered, the user should be able to save it to a file. The form should have a combo box for selecting the department; a Save Record button, which writes the record to a file. A Clear button, which clears the text boxes; and an exit button. Write code in the Form_Load event handler that allows the user to enter the name if the file. See image.

Employee Data, Part Two

Create an application that reads the records stored in the file created by Employee Data Part One. Write code in the forms Load event handler that allows the user to enter the name of the file and open the file. The form should show a Next Record button which reads a record from the file and displays its fields, Clear Button. When the user clicks the Next Record button the application should read the next record from the file and display it. When the end of the file is encountered, a message should be displayed. See image.

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