Using Crows Foot draw an ERD for a condominium management company

Draw Only entity without attributes, including Degree, Connectivity, Existence, each is a separate diagram

1.Each unit can be occupied by one or more persons

2.Each unit will have access to zero or more amenities

Draw the entity(s) including attribute and show Degree, Connectivity, Existence only one diagram

  • A database to store the primary owner and primary tenanted
  • Database stores the following values (Person ID, First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Primary contact number, Unit Number, Owner ID)
  • Both the owner and tenanted (a person who rents) are stored in the same table
  • The unit will have one and only one primary owner and one and only primary tenanted

Normalize the below data table to the 3rd normal form

The answer should show all steps until reaching the 3rd normal form

Concert Code Concert Name Concert Date Reservation ID Reservation Date Seats #
ROB Rob James 10/18/2016 1 10/1/2016 A5,A6,A7
ROB Rob James 10/18/2016 2 10/3/2016 E45,E44
ADL Adele 11/1/2016 3 10/4/2016 D15
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