The Sarre International Banking Corporation runs a ‘Piggy Bank’ for youth customers (under 16). The Piggy Bank has 6 members, each of whom put coins into the Piggy Bank. The coins are of denomination 1,2,5,10,20 and 50p and £1 and £2.

The Bank wants to keep track of which youth customers put in which coins (i.e. it knows how many of which coin each member has put into the Piggy Bank.) It also wants to be able to work out how much each person has in the Piggy Bank (total) and how much the Piggy Bank has in total in it.

There are 6 youth customers: Dave, Richard, Phil, Mandy, Reza and Mike. Each customer is given one of each of the coins when they join the bank (and hence this will be the case when the program starts up).

A bank employee can then enter a name of a customer into a text box and press ‘Login’. If the name is found to be one of the customers, then this will then show which coins this user has currently in the piggy bank. The employee can then enter which coins the user wishes to add and then select the deposit button to add more coins to the piggy bank.

If desired, the balance for the customer can be withdrawn, except the initial starting balance, which must stay in the piggy bank at all times. If the user needs to withdraw their money, they should be told how much they can withdraw and which coins it is made up of.

When all coins have been added, the employee can press ‘Logout’.

The bank employee can also find the total holdings of the bank and can show a list of all the customers and their total balances, sorted by the customers’ total balance.

Task Description

Design, code, and test, a suitable software system implemented in VB to implement the system above. You have been given the interface for the system in the VB project ‘SarreIntPiggyBank’. This must not to be modified in any way. You main aim is to design and implement code, and test your solution.

You must complete the test cases in Appendix B Create 5 more tests of your own – which should be designed to test one small area of the system in as complete a fashion as possible. Document these tests in the same manner as the given tests. You are marked for quality of the tests and accuracy of recording results. Even if your program does not work, you can still score well. Appendix B Test Cases.

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