We have learned how to draw several shapes using a Graphics object in Java. We have experience in drawing both lines and shapes and will rely on this knowledge to complete a typical farm scene. I am not expecting graphics artists, but do require that all required components are included.

Using the techniques you have been taught in this course, your assignment is to create a farm scene consisting of the following objects: a barn with windows, a door and a silo, a scarecrow and a tractor. Graphics images below are only to provide clarification on what the requirements are. Your production should in no way be a rendering of the photos.

Your name and a proper title should also be in the scene. Be sure use a large enough size and font for your name. See image.

For example, the tractor could be produced using only rectangles and ellipses. See image.

My suggestion is that you first create your final image on a piece of graphics paper and then to incorporate translation, rotation and scale to transfer the paper image to the screen. The graphics package in Java has already defined the functions, so its just a matter of using the proper coordination.

Ideally, you should have 2 files a driver program which include main method with creation of a JFrame object which adds a farm panel. Another program which extends JPanel with a paintComponent method. Your drawing should be located entirely in the paintComponent method. In the paintComponent, you can call 3 methodss drawTractor, drawScarecrow and drawBarn. I will not accept any applet for this assignment. I am attaching a sample graphic paper and a sample graphics from a previous student. You can use her program and modify it. drawTractor, drawScarecrow and drawBarn are not required, but recommended.

You will submit the source code (NOT THE CLASS FILE) and a word document which has the screen shot of your finish graphics.

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