Using Classes

1.Define the functions declared in Fight.h so that main.cpp produces results similar to when Fight.obj is included in the project

Three files are provided to you.

  • Main.cpp contains the driver that will run the declared functions to ensure they work properly, it does not need to be altered or submitted.
  • Fight.h contains the declarations and function prototypes related to the class, it does not need to be altered or submitted.
  • Fight.obj contains a compiled solution that will allow you to test existing functionality. It needs to be removed from your project for you to test your own implementation

There is a small example on Titanium of a project with similar file structure, simply add the three files to an empty C++ project and run. Notice how the .obj file and the .cpp file are occupying the same role, this is because the .obj file is just a compiled version of the .cpp source file. You will be supplying a .cpp file that defines all functions in Fight.H, just as Fight.obj does.

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