Create a data structure that supports the following functions:

  • Import and delete flights. After these, the tree always has to keep its form as a binary search tree as far as the depart time is concerned and the field MAX_AR has correct value in every node.
  • When a time period is given, the system shall return a flight that is active in this period. Please note that active are also the flights that started or ended in this period of time . For example if time period is [12,14] then flight SW489, CA863 and OA345 are active in this period of time.
  • Make the previous Question (B) more general by making the system return all the flights that are active in a given period of time.
  • Given a time h , the system shall return the Arrival of that flight, that has depart time before h and is completed last amongst the flights that their arrival is before h. For example if h=11.30 then the system has to return 16.30 because that is the Arrival of SW489 flight , the one that has started before 11.30 AND also is complete later than all the flights that have started(departed) before 11.30.
  • In any case, you must minimize the number of comparisons demanded during the execution of these functions .You also don’t have to use balancing functions after adding or deleting a flight from the tree.

See the example binary tree example: See image.

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