Your Task

Case Study: You can use a specific case study (not essential) in your assignment. Your task is to use the published paper, referred to earlier, and research the problem; a shortage of qualified engineering staff as a growing problem.

Gathering information: You have to do research to ascertain the extent of the problem. Then you will have to find a solution for the problem by studying the contents of the HRM handouts. The gathered data and information should be analysed enabling you to produce a strategy that will overcome the problem for your company in the future by formulating a future strategy (SHRM). Give specific attention to the PEST (Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological) influence from the environment.

Value Judgement: In the final instance you have to come to a conclusion (value judgement). In your opinion do you agree with the published paper (as quoted earlier) do they state the problem correctly? How can companies prevent, or reduce the disruptive effects of human resource supply in the future.

Assignment Topic:

The future of engineering: How do we attract young recruits for future human resources in the engineering sector?

The following is the opening paragraph from a paper on internet, published by: A. M. Hasna1, R. Clark. (To make it easier for students and to allow for the possibility of the published paper to be retracted the entire paper is attached)


Engineering skills shortages in OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries have been a key political issue for many years now. In universities this has been reinforced by low numbers of students studying engineering, engineering department closures and faculty downsizing. In the wider industry the result has been outsourcing and the shift to engineering offshore. Against this background, the paper asks why is there a waning interest in engineering amongst young people? To ensure OECD countries have a supply of engineers in the future, it will be necessary to attract more young people from a variety of backgrounds into engineering, but what does this mean for Generation Y? This paper considers the underlying reasons for this situation. By exploring experiences from different parts of the world and relating this to theory and relevant research studies, the current environment is presented. With this as a solid foundation, the paper suggests ways to engage young people with the engineering profession such that they may consider it as a potential career. Some of the key parameters influencing student decisions will be considered along with the ways to ensure that engineering is more prominent in the minds of young people in the changing global environment.

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