In this assignment, you'll write a program that will create the JavaFX GUI layout shown below. (Click this link to download an image file: PA7.png ) See image.

Your program should recreate the layout above as closely as possible. Make sure that you can resize the window in all directions without breaking the layout you have created.

  • The flags and country names are labels. Those on the left are left-aligned and those on the right are right-aligned. Download this zip file for the flag images:
  • Radio button RB1 is initially enabled. Only one radio button may be selected at a time. The radio buttons should be centered in the layout.
  • The text fields have a yellow background and blue text. The text is San Serif and is italicized and bold. The text fields are 40 columns wide.
  • The keyboard keys are buttons. The rows should be centered in the layout. The rows should be separated by 5 pixels.
  • The check boxes for the shift, control, and alt options should also be centered in the display.
  • There is a line border (red) around the shift, control, and alt keys. There is a titled border (green) around the text fields.
  • The main window should have a title "GUI Layout for Programming Assignment 6."
  • NOTE: You do NOT need to match the border of the main window ('stage'), whatever your system creates is fine.

There are a lot of components; be smart and use loops to create the components as in the examples in class. You may want to create helper arrays (holding the strings for the keys, for example).

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