Create a multi-media, animated version of your favorite game. It must include animation( controlled movement of a graphical object) , and sound. The fundamental parts of the Craps Game will be included in the class code examples but if you don’t like craps, try one of the other games listed below. You will need to collect/create graphic images and collect/create some related sound files to fit into the context of your chosen game. Once the game is complete, add it to the MenuBar of your previous application as a new option.

Incorporate betting money and debit or credit the person’s checking account with the winnings/losses(transcode 4 = bank debit(losses), transcode 5= bank credit(winnings)).

Sample Type of Games you May Create:

  • Game of Craps(add animation and sound)
  • GUESSING GAME (Add animation and sound)
  • ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS GAME(add animation and sound)
  • or You May Have Your Own Choice (You Can Let Me Know)
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