Okay, enough with the chitchat and proceed to the app.

We need your help!

Well, as you can see we our self-hosting this application. We need cash to buy a license and publish this to Google Play (and motivate us to keep supporting the application). Help us save funds!

How it works?

So here's a short list of the things you can do with the application, the application does not need Internet connection to perform and all data are stored in your device.

Feature What it does
Add a relative It's a core feature, you simply have to add relative information like their name, dad, and spouse. That's basically it, the rest is done by our graph algorithm. Requires long press on the name to show menu.
View relative details Displays a report regarding a relative from his/her grand parents (including in-laws), parents (including in-laws), siblings (including half-brothers/sisters), and to grand children.
Search relative Find things for you.
Relate relatives Displays a report how two of your relatives are related.
Export/Import data to/from file For back up purposes, saves/loads data to/from the 'Genealogy' directory.
Build Family Tree Displays the family tree of a selected person until to its very last generation.
Store Photos Take photo of each person in your family tree.


Right, we don't want to hear you complaining about how bad and plain the user interface was done. We didn't care and had much time planning how good looking it is, but we cared more about how easy and useful it is. If you think you can do better, we have the source code open and free for use and modification. Just don't forget to link back to the original work.

Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License
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