You will develop a find the egg game, for which a user gets 3 tries to find the golden egg. Your program displays a garden of flowers, represented as 4 x 4 grid. Users search for the hidden egg by clicking on individual cells in the grid. Each cell in the grid displays an image of a flower or its number ranging from 0 .. 15. Various information is displayed throughout the game, indicating whether the egg was or was not found, the number of tries left, and whether the user wins or loses. A cheat button reveals the location of the egg. A reset button re-initializes the game.


  • Define a class Flower Possible attributes for Flower are: int numberID // 0 15, to indicate the Flowers location boolean eggHere // indicates whether the egg is hidden in this Flower
  • When a cell is clicked, display its row and column location. You do not need to store attributes for the row and column location of a Flower. If the cells in a m x n grid are horizontally numbered 0 .. (m*n-1), then the row and column numbers can be calculated for a cell with number k : RowNumber = k/n and ColNumber = k % n
  • Initialize (and thereafter in reset) the game by randomly hiding the egg.
  • Display various text/labels: the numberID of the flower just clicked, the number of search clicks so far, and whether the game is ongoing, won, or lost. Display text/label that displays one of these messages as appropriate: Find the egg or You found the egg in flower 9!
  • When the egg is found in a given Flower, change the display for the relevant grid location in some way. For example, the azalea might be replaced by a shining gold egg
  • Provide a cheat button that reveals the location of the egg
  • Display a reset button that re-initializes the game.
  • Display a nice heading that includes your name.

ou will need to have various global variables for storing the location number of the hidden egg, the number of clicks, etc. Use other variables as you choose, for example, you might find it useful to keep a variable that holds a mode, for example, 0, 1, 2 representing game in progress, game won, or game lost

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