To do:

  • You will create a Priority Queue using a Heap represented in an array. All was covered in lecture yesterday and one day before last week.


  • You will need a Heap class that will keep the MAX values as the highest priority that will be removed from the heap first, and the smaller numbers with less priority.
  • The Heap class will need an instance field array that holds ints, you can just make the array size 25, and we'll make sure we don't go over 25 elements.
  • The heap class will need a method for inserting items in the heap.
  • The Heap class will need a method for removing items from the heap.
    • Both methods will need to handle rearranging the items in the heap.
  • The Heap class will need a method for printing out the heap level by level.......until you get to a level that starts with a null.
  • A Driver class that sends in the ints to be stored in the heap.

Implementation, run these steps in order:

1.Add the following items to your heap: 15, 5, 8, 4, 9, 22, 17, 6, 14

2.Print Heap

3.Remove two items from the heap.

4.Print Heap

5.Add the following 18, 12

6.Print Heap

7.Remove three items from the heap.

8.Print Heap

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