Your assignment is to write and compare two implementations of a priority queue whose highest priority element is the one with the smallest key value. The elements have the following declarations:

  • The first implementation uses a minimum heap. You need to modify the heap operations to keep the minimum, rather than maximum, element in the root. The comparison function should compare key fields.
  • The second implementation uses a linear linked list, whose elements are ordered by key value.

Test Data

Create a data set that contains 50 items with priorities generated by a random-number generator.

Comparing the Implementations

To compare the operations, you must modify the Enqueue and Dequeue operations to count how many elements are accessed (compared or swapped, in the case of reheaping) during its execution. Write a driver to Enqueue and Dequeue the 50 test items and print out the number of elements accessed for the Enqueue and Dequeue operations. Run your driver once with each implementation.

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