Hello User

  • Create a new file called hello-user.c
  • Write the code to declare a string that can hold thirty characters (+ the null terminator).
  • Prompt the user, and then read their name into the string (ensure you read at most thirty characters)
  • Output a "hello" message for the user.
    • On your own update the program to output custom messages for different names... make sure you have a custom message for your tutor.

Statistics Calculator

  • Create a new file called stats.c
  • Write the code to declare an array of ten float values in main.
  • Write a procedure to read values into the array, called populate_values.
    • On your own write a procedure to output the values to the Terminal, called output_values.
  • Write a function to calculate the total of the array, called sum_of_values
  • Write a function to calculate the average (mean) of the array, called mean_value
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