You are required to write a program that at its simplest allows a user to play a game against the computer. The game will involve assigning random values between 1 and 100 to an array of objects in such a way as the player cannot see the values. The player and the computer then will take turns selecting indexes until all values have been revealed. The highest score wins.


You are required to write a VB Windows program using Visual Studio 2013 to do the following:

  • On load the program will create a game board with random values between 0 and 100 assigned to each cell in the board. The size of the board should be user configurable. If there are any previous game results it will display them on screen;
  • When the user clicks a Play button a cell will be chosen at random and the value displayed. The computer then will select a cell at random and display that value. Note a cell already chosen cannot be chosen again;
  • A final total will be displayed for the user and for the computer and a message will be displayed saying who won this game;
  • The user will be able to save each game played;
  • The user will be able to start a new game without exiting the program;
  • Saves the name of the player and their best score.

Your program must also have the following features:

  • It must use a common dialog control for saving data;
  • The program must have at least one general procedure;
  • The program must demonstrate the use of an array.
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