You are to create an efficient OO application that implements an application to maintain Information about a day care service offered for parents while they do their holiday shopping.

The user will provide information for the daycare. To allow extensibility, a Care object can Be created with no information available, the name of the care provider or the address Of the daycare location.

The Care class definition file should includeinstance variables:

  • Address
  • Number of children
  • Names of children (note: the names need not be individually accessible, so an array is not required. A String Is sufficient.)
  • Cost of daily daycare

The class definition should also include instance methods:

  • Validating mutator for the numeric instance variable that is to receive values from the User (daily cost – must be between $30 and $100)
  • addAChild(), that will allow the user to include an additional child on the list of names (not to exceed the limit of ten) and increment the number of children by one
  • Accessors for the instance variables, as well as including a toString() method to gather All pertinent information.
  • amount collected at the end of a day

The HolidayCare application that implements the class described above should prompt The user for the daycare’s address, and daily cost. Then the application should process As many chidren (up to 10) the user chooses. The output shouldInclude theinformationon the daycare (Address, list of children, total cost for all children) as well as the number Of children.

Only ONE Care object is to be manipulated.

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