Identifying Network Interfaces

  • From the Homework section on D2L, download the source for identifying network interfaces,
  • Build and execute on your computer.
  • Redirect the output to a file.
  • Summarize your results in a text file. Answer the following questions:
    • How many network interfaces does your computer contain?
    • How many interfaces have been assigned an IP address?
    • What is the MAC address of each interface (if present)?
    • What is the Internet address of each interface (if present)?
  • Upload your results text file and your summary text file to the Dropbox on D2L.

HostResolve: a host name resolution program

  • Write a program that resolves the names of a host to its associated IP address(es).
  • By default, the program resolves the name of a host provided as a command line argument to a single address.
  • The program must also permit one option, '-a', which directs the program to find all addresses associated with the host name.
  • Use the InetAddress.getByName() method to find the default address.
  • Use the InetAddress.getAllByName() method to find all addresses for that host name.
Usage: o java HostResolve [-a] [host name]
  • The program must write the IP address(es) to standard output.
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