Create an ASP.NET webform using VS2012 and C# with the following basic functionality:

  • the webform allows a visitor to make a hotel room reservation, or a flight reservation (your choice)
  • the webform is based on a masterpage that displays a banner, a footer, and a background image (tiled along one side of the browser window)
  • the master page has a linked CSS file that specifies a background color, a background image to be tiled on one side of the screen (bottom or right, your choice), and text formatting for a title class
  • the form allows the user to enter contact information and allows him to specify 2 dates for the beginning and the end of a reservation period.
  • the form allows the user to specify 3 other options for their reservation using list, checkbox, or option buttons (e.g. bed size, vegetarian/non, window seat, etc.)
  • the webform displays an ad rotator with 3 different ads.
  • when you click the submit button, all the choices made by the visitor are summarized in a label at the bottom of the page.

enhance the look of the text displayed on the Web form with colors, font families, and additional graphics of your choice.

Phase 2

Assignment 2 is continuation of Assignment 1 Hotel reservation You have to create database and then create table in SQL Server Managent Studio with the columns that you have as text boxes in your website. For instance, name, age, etc. You can use Query Parameter or data list, etc to connect to database and retrieve value in the text boxes from the table in database on the web page when you execute it.

Phase 3

Assignment 3 You have to add Theme and Skin in your assignment

Phase 4

If you do not have Validation control, please add them in your website. Create access rules using Administration Tool. Using ASP.Net Login Controls manage users on your site. Add Administrator role. Configure Web.config file to handle Authentication and Authorization, and check for user names and passwords using a database

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