Part 1

  • Choose the preferred tag pair to use when displaying text in bold font using HTML 5.
  • Cascading Style Sheet rules are comprised of:
  • When CSS is coded in the body of the web page as an attribute of an HTML tag it is called ________.
  • The declaration property used to set the text color on a web page is:
  • What is the term used to describe image file that contains multiple small graphics?
  • Select the code below that will configure a background image called parchment.gif for a web page using CSS.
  • Which of the following is not a web design recommended practice?
  • The four principles of WCAG 2.0 are as follows:
  • Use an id to configure a style when:
  • A ____________ is a sketch or blueprint of a Web page that shows the structure (but not the detailed design) of basic page elements such as the logo, navigation, content, and footer.
  • When applying the design principle of __________ related items are grouped together.
  • Solid or fixed design is sometimes called _____ design and uses a fixed-width page layout.
  • The CSS to create the class called myfloat that floats to the right of the other page content, has a 10px margin, and a solid border is:
  • The _________ property is used to modify the stacking order of elements on a web page.
  • How would you define a fragment identifier at the top of a page, called “top”?
  • If a web page contains both a link to an External Style Sheet and Embedded Styles,
  • Set list-style-type to the value ___________ to hide the display of the list markers on an ordered list.
  • From the choices below select the correct order to code CSS pseudo-classes.
  • __________________ will cause an object not to display.
  • Use the ______ attribute on a element to associate it with a table heading cell.
  • Is the following HTML code valid? < table width="75%" border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5" >
  • Choose the best answer below to the following question: Is the following CSS code valid? table { border: 2px #000000 solid; border-collapse: collapse; }
  • Use the _______ property in the HTML link tag to associate a Web page with a style sheet printing.
  • When using the box model, the _____ is always transparent.
  • The default value for the border property for an element is:


Design a web page about your favorite musical group. Use a background color for the page. Search the web for a photo of the group that you can legally use and cite in your webpage. When coding this, use the image tag to reference the image remotely. Write the HTML code to create your website using an embedded style sheet in the head section of your page for all styles used. You may not use any in-line styles or external style sheets. Once complete, paste your code into the answer sheet above.

Include the following information about the group on your web page:

  • Name of the group
  • Type of music
  • Names of principle group members
  • Photo of group (along with an APA reference of where it was borrowed from)
  • Link to another Web page with information about the group.

Your HTML must meet the following minimum requirements:

Include at least one example of each of the following on the web page:

  • A heading
  • A paragraph
  • An ordered or unordered list
  • Bolded text
  • Italicized text
  • Colored text
  • A horizontal line

Your Code must be HTML 5 Compliant and include the appropriate Document Type Definition.

Use an easy to read font and size and use proper HTML syntax at all times. Close all two-sided tags. Properly nest all tags. Use lowercase element and attribute names. Enclose attribute values in quotes. Include alternate text for non-graphical browsers with inline images. You may not use any discontinued HTML tags such as < i >, < b >, < center >, etc.

Write your code so that it will be easy to read and understand.

Part III. Design Challenges and Mobile

Web design has traditionally involved the creation of web sites deployed for use on desktop computer browsers. In recent years, the popularity of mobile computing has created many opportunities for designers as well as many challenges.

Write a short essay consisting of a minimum of 500 words that includes research and discussion of some of the challenges that face designers creating sites for mobile devices. Your discussion should address accessibility concerns, bandwidth, hardware limitations, screen size and other related issues. The essay should also include suggested approaches a designer might implement to address these challenges. Consider responsive design, the current available web technologies, flexibility of CSS, and web standards in your answer. A minimum of at least four sources must be used to back up your discussion in APA format.

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