Goal: Create a Huffman encoding simulation.

Description: Your program will generate the Huffman encoding for a given text file and output the character frequency and the encoded binary string. Additionally, output the size of the original text as well as the encoded string in bytes.

You will need a few different components to get this working: a priority queue, a frequency table, and the Huffman Tree itself.

  • Tips:
  • Design first. Then code.
  • Make sure each individual part works before putting them together. (Test your code!)
  • Feel free to rely on your text for help, but implement your own data structures
  • Helping each other is fine, but collaborate on ideas, not code
  • Consider a different type of node for the leaves

Huff Tree building in short:

  • Create n HuffTrees, each with a single letter
  • Enqueue all HuffTrees
  • Dequeue twice, combining and re-enqueuing the result
  • Repeat until the queue is empty

Input: A text file from the command line. (i.e. java jar MyHuff.jar MyTextFile.txt).

Output: The binary encoding of the input file. Print out the encoding in text format. Print out the frequency table for each character. Output the size of the original text and the potential size of the output binary string.

Deliverables: All source code (important), YourProgram.jar, readme.txt, Post-Mortem, Documentation

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