The world is becoming more and more a global village. Many countries are becoming more and more multicultural. Intercultural communication is, thus, becoming one of the most significant means to share ideas, views, technological innovations and resources locally and around the globe.

Discuss the following aspects in your essay:

  • The importance of Intercultural Communication in the global view of the world.
  • The role of social media such as, Facebook in Intercultural Communication.
  • The impact of Intercultural communication on the Communication competence.
  • The effect of Intercultural Communication on social, political and cultural values.
  • The effect of various types of communication (verbal, non-verbal, written and visual) on Intercultural Communication.


  • Draw up a timetable that identifies the various stages of development in the writing of your essay and allows sufficient time for each stage. This timetable should include activities in each week.
  • Produce an Annotated Bibliography for a total of 9 sources as below- Research the topic using books, journals and reputable websites. As a minimum, your research should include at least three (3) books (may be online books), at least three (3) journal articles (may be online journal articles) and at least three (3) internet sites (general websites except Wikipedia), total of 9 sources, all of which are used to provide you with the background for your essay.
  • Produce a detailed concept map showing as much as you can find out about the topic. (Archee, Gurney & Mohan, 2013, p.371)
  • Draft essay using strategies 4Ps, 5Ws and 1H (Archee et. al., 2013, p. 300) along with a detailed essay outline (Archee et. al., 2013, p.372).
  • Final Essay
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