The Bellpeek Software Company is creating a new software product for people on the go. It is currently nicknamed Consumer Helper. The product will be a collection of small but useful pieces of software that provide personal productivity. Bellpeek plans to eventually release the product for smart phones, but is currently developing a prototype of the software for Windows.


Create a Windows or web application that provides the user with a simple credit card interest calculator. Make sure your application not only works, but also conforms to the Software Development Standards.


The application should provide a credit card interest calculator that:

  • Allows the user to enter credit card balance, annual credit card interest rate and desired monthly payment
  • Displays the number of months required to pay off the balance and displays thetotal amount actually paid if the balance will be repaid in 48 months or less
  • Displays a message informing the user that the balance cannot be repaid in 48 months or less if that is the case
  • Displays the following information for each month: Month, Remaining Balance, Payment Amount and Interest Accrued.

An example of the content to be displayed is shown below for an initial balance of $1000, a monthly payment of $100 and an annual interest rate of 12%. See image.

You must provide for validation of the data entered by the user, so that your application does not crash if the user makes an unexpected entry.

You must create pseudo-code for the calculations in your application.

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