Project1: Getting Started with Websites

Develop a simple website. Show the home page of the Web site that the visitors can use to visit the site and about 5 more pages plus some figures. Also show the site map at two level of depth (i.e., what pages will be invoked from first page, etc). Develop this website on your local machine first. Then upload the website to Amazon AWS. The website need to contain HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Project2: Getting Started with Databases

You have been asked to come up with a project of your own. One of your first tasks is to develop a database. You have the following tasks:

A conceptual model of databases that will be used in the company. You should list 3 major database tables to be used by the company, their contents (e.g., list of fields) and interrelationships (ER diagram). List 10 database queries (in English and then in SQL) that the company will use most commonly with these databases.

Learn about Amazon AWS and create the database that implements the database design developed above and run some simple queries on it.

Project 3: Simple Database and Website Development

This assignment will help you build a modern website, illustrated in Figure1, by using modern technologies.

  • Connect your Website with your Database: Build a small prototype that demonstrates how you can retrieve information from a database and display it on a web browser.. You mainly need to create a relational database with some information (name, age, address, etc) and list it on a browser when invoked (a simple listing will do, no need for sophisticated forms, etc). You can use any tutorial on the web (e.g., webmonkey, for this demo.
  • Web Server: We will use Amazon AWS as web platform to upload the assignment
  • You would like to give others the possibility to integrate your website in theirs. For this you will have to create a webservice. Create a well formed XML example with DTD for both receiving information from the other website and for the information sent out to the other website.
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