In the first 6 lectures, we discussed what a relational database is and how to design a relational database in three high level modeling notations.

In this assignment, you need to analyze the requirements of the ITA Refund Request System and design a relational database schema using an E/R diagram conversion. After this assignment, you should have an indepth understanding of how to go from the business requirements of a given system to the design of a corresponding relational database schema using E/R modeling.

2. Deliverables and Evaluation Method:

The detailed specification of the ITA Refund Request System Requirements can be found in ITA_System_2016_spec.pdf.

For this assignment, the individual submission of each student must include:

Part I: Relational Database Design using E/R modeling

1. An E/R diagram for the given system.

2. A relational database schema you converted from the E/R diagram that you have created. For each relation in the database, provide a name, a list of attributes and specify a key.

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