The following are required:

  • Create a project in Access. Your database must have flow and a theme.
  • The database must be normalized.
  • The content must be relevant to the database fields. As an extreme example, this means do not put address in a name field
  • Your tables and objects must be properly named. For example, do not use spaces in naming objects.
  • Also be consistent with table names and object names Your project must include at least three tables
  • Your tables must make use of data validation rules
  • Make use of data validation text
  • Each table must have a primary key or an appropriate combination key
  • At least one foreign key is required but additional ones must be used if the database merits their use
  • Your project must make use of at least one input mask
  • Your project must include proper and working relationships between tables. Be sure the relationships are valid and referential integrity is observed
  • Your project must include at least three queries
  • Your project must include at least two “customized”, working forms. At least two; if you need more, you must create them.
  • Your project must not make use of direct entry into tables and strictly use forms for data input
  • Relevant pictures to the project appropriately placed on forms
  • Your forms must include a form header or form footer
  • Your project must include at least one report based on a table and at least one report based on a query
  • Spelling counts
  • Grammar counts
  • Your project must include your name
Academic Honesty!
It is not our intention to break the school's academic policy. Projects posted are only used as a reference and should not be submitted as is. We are not held liable for any misuse of the solutions. Please see the frequently asked questions page for further questions and inquiries.
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