You should read through the case study and attempt the following tasks:

Define ONE appropriate Abstract Data Type (ADT) class. Include constructors, accessors and transformers for the ADT where applicablefully produced and all aspects described and evaluated

Ensure that: ADT classes appropriately implemented and contracts fully relates to the case study.

State any assumptions made.

It is required to frequently search ADT instances. Assuming unique attributes of your choice, devise and implement search an algorithm for finding instances Algorithm implementation: Sort ,Search,Test application,Code description.

Binary search using an appropriate method fully implemented and explanation given.

Ensure that: Comparable interface implemented appropriately for the specified ADT; Sort algorithm implemented and test data showing before sort and after sort; Binary search algorithm implemented using the Comparable interface as part of the ADT and test data showing searched records Produce a Java implementation of your answer.

IT Magazine

A magazine called IT in the Valley is published every month. An information system is needed to help deal with the editing of the magazine.

The enterprise consists of three main departments: a Marketing Department, an Editing Department and a Processing Centre.

The information system will collect adverts, stories and photographs and publish magazine issues.

The Marketing Department receives advertising details from advertisers. Details of these adverts are recorded. The system should record who is to notify for the advertisement when it should appear and how large the advert should be. There may be other considerations such as where in the magazine it should appear. The Marketing Department passes the advertisement to the editor. An advertiser may place several different adverts in the same issue of the magazine.

The Editor checks and edits the adverts and sends them to the processing centre, where all the data concerning the content of the advertisement are stored this would normally consist of text and graphics.

In addition to the advertisements the magazine consists of a mixture of stories and adverts. A freelancing journalist submits stories to the editor. Sometimes a successful journalist has more than one story in the same issue. Details of the journalists are kept for reference purposes. When a story is published the journalist is automatically paid an agreed amount. A similar situation exists for photographers. Photographers and journalists may be regular contributors or occasional contributors. Details of the stories and photographs must be stored. Complete issues of the magazine are also stored so old stories may be researched in the future. Any stories or photographs that have been submitted and remain unused after six months are archived.

The editor may match one or more photographs with a story to illustrate it. The editor chooses all the stories adverts and photographs and puts them together to form the magazine issue.

Copies of completed issues of the magazine are sent to advertisers.

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