In this assignment we will create a blackjack game called CCP Blackjack. We will start with version 1.0 of the program. There will be one player against the computer, with no betting.

The flow of the game will include:

  • Introduction. Start with a brief introduction to the Game. Don¬ít make it too complicated.
  • Player's first two Cards. The computer will pick two Cards, assign those to the Player, show them to the Player, and add their values to the Player's score*.
  • Dealer's first Card. The computer will pick one Card, assign it to the Dealer, show the Player the Card, and add its value to the Dealer's score*.
  • Dealer's second Card. The computer will pick one Card, assign it to the Dealer, and add its value to the Dealer's score* without showing it to the Player.
  • Hit or stand loop. Up to four additional Cards can be picked. Ask the player if he or she wants a hit. If yes pick a Card, etc., for the Player. This should loop while the player wants a hit or until the Player has picked four additional Cards. If the Player picks a sixth Card the loop terminates after picking the sixth Card.
  • Results. Sample result.

* Cards 2 through 10 have the value of their rank; jacks, queens, and kings each have the value 10; an Ace has the value 11, however, if 11 would put a score over 21, then it has the value 1.

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