Write a complete program named Buttons that implements a window with three buttons – left, blue, and reset. When the left button is clicked, the window’s contents (the three buttons) shifts left. When the blue button is clicked, the window’s background color changes to blue. When the reset button is clicked, the window’s contents shifts back to the original center alignment and the window’s background color changes back to its original color.

In implementing the reset functionality, don’t try to figure out a color constant that’s used for the window’s original color value. That’s counterproductive because the color might be different on different computers. Instead, retrieve and save the window’s original color and then when the color needs to be reset, use that saved original color value.

As always:

  • Limit your use of class variables and instance variables – only use them if appropriate.
  • Use appropriate modifiers for your methods. The modifiers we’ve discussed are private, public, protected, static, and final.
  • Use helping methods if appropriate.
  • Mimic the sample session precisely. In particular, note the window’s title, the window’s size, and the positions of components.
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